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BMA Advanced Instrument Ltd was established in 1996 for  20 years, it has been committed to equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, and has become a well-known enterprise in the industry. The company has comprehensive capabilities in R&D, production, sales and training. It has established an operating organization based in Beijing with four offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Lanzhou, and has covered all parts of the country through various agents. .
In the long-term development, the company has formed a complete product line, not only mechanical testing instruments, but also electrical testing instruments; not only offline inspection instruments, but also online monitoring systems. The company traces the world's advanced technology and equipment management and maintenance concepts, is committed to providing customers with better products, helping customers to establish an advanced plant-wide equipment condition monitoring system, improve the normal use of equipment assets, and reduce production costs.
The company has a equipment condition monitoring (CM) laboratory, which is the equipment fault diagnosis center designated by the China Mechanical Engineering Society, and is also the electrical equipment diagnostic center designated by the China Equipment Management Association. The Diagnostic Engineer Certification Training Course organized by the company is a diagnostic training course authorized by the China Mechanical Engineering Society and the China Equipment Management Association. It has trained tens of thousands of times so far. In addition, the center also held more than 60 national equipment fault diagnosis seminars, and was invited to hundreds of large enterprises to do technical seminars.
The company serves a total of more than 4,000 enterprises in metallurgy, railway, petrochemical, mining, automobile and oil fields. It is the fixed base of more than 100 key enterprises such as aerospace satellite launching base, Shengli Oilfield, Ministry of Railways, Chinalco, Haizhuang and Tsinghua. supplier. Through long-term cooperation with the military, we have greatly enhanced our military's comprehensive equipment capabilities. Some projects have won the National Science and Technology Progress Award. On the railway side, we have provided technical and equipment support for the comprehensive speed increase of the railway. In the aerospace field, we launched the Jiuquan Satellite Base "Shenzhou V". Success has contributed to our strength.
The company has organized and translated and translated more than ten kinds of professional and technical materials, including "Electrical Equipment Diagnostic Technology", "Reciprocating Equipment Fault Diagnosis Technology", "Vibration and Dynamic Balance Technology", "Precision Vibration Diagnosis Technology", "" Qixing "equipment diagnosis learning software", "rolling bearing diagnostic technology", "oil detection technology", etc., and long-term serialization in "China Equipment Engineering", "equipment management and maintenance" and other magazines.
The company pursues the service concept of “true friendship is reflected in the sale and purchase”. The company adheres to the principle of customer-centered service for a long time, and has opened the 24-hour service service and online communication for 400-648-7277 to promptly respond to customer questions.
BMA Advanced Instrument Ltd  is committed to providing enterprises with excellent monitoring equipment and equipment condition monitoring solutions, and become a reliable partner of the company.


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