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The China Equipment Fault Diagnosis Center was established in 2001 and was designated as the only equipment fault diagnosis center in China by the Equipment and Maintenance Engineering Branch of the China Mechanical Engineering Society. There are three sub-centers: Anshan, Tuha Oilfield, Laiwu Steel Sub-center.
The center is committed to the promotion, service and training of domestic electrical and mechanical fault diagnosis technology; introduces the world's most advanced equipment diagnostic technology to Chinese enterprises and serves enterprises, and promotes the development of equipment diagnostics in China.
The main work of the center is as follows:
♦ Vigorously strengthen technical exchanges with foreign countries, actively introduce foreign advanced equipment, technology and management concepts, and conduct technical exchanges at home and abroad;
♦ Compile various technical materials, papers and equipment diagnostic communications;
♦ Organize equipment diagnostic technical training and seminars to train equipment diagnostic technicians and management cadres;
♦ In-depth technical services provided by enterprises;
Contact management experts and technical experts in the equipment diagnostic industry at home and abroad to promote the healthy development of equipment diagnostics.
The Central Technology Department has vigorously strengthened technical exchanges with foreign countries and translated a large number of technical materials, such as: "Motor Fault Detection Technology", "Cable Fault Detection Technology", "Bearing Failure Analysis Technology", "Vibration Spectrum Analysis Technology", "Equipment Vibration fault diagnosis, "on-line diagnostic technology for substation equipment", "equipment oil monitoring technology", "lubrication of mechanical equipment", "online networked diagnosis of equipment", etc.
It maintains long-term cooperative relationships with relevant organizations and enterprises at home and abroad such as the American Preventive Maintenance Association, the US Equipment Reliability Website, the US WINDROCK Company, the US BJM Company, and the Swedish SPM Company. We will invite foreign scholars to conduct technical exchanges in the country, introduce advanced world concepts and technical means, and organize technical personnel to visit and study abroad.
At present, the equipment fault diagnosis center has become an important communication and training base in the field of equipment fault diagnosis. So far, many national equipment fault diagnosis technology seminars have been held.
Providing integrated technical services for the development of enterprise condition monitoring is our consistent philosophy. The diagnostic center will help the company's equipment maintenance work to achieve predictive maintenance and strengthen management; build a domestic first-class equipment diagnostic information platform, establish first-class equipment diagnosis Technical training and service base, continuous innovation, better serve the majority of enterprises.


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